How to get your XBox 360 Wireless Controller working under your Linux box

Image source:   A lot of games today need a controller ... yes, even on PC you can't ignore that fact. One of the best controllers out there in the wild is (IMHO) the XBox 360 Wireless Controller from Microsoft. The Wired version of this controller can be easily connected through Plug & Play.... Continue Reading →

League of Legends back on WINE

Since several patches, League of Legends does not work with WINE anymore or better I say, League of Legends does not work acceptable with WINE anymore. If you look at the FPS while playing you will see a maximum of 15 FPS at all. Since yesterday I have a solutions found for that. I am... Continue Reading →

Actually no more winelol packages

Dear Blog readers, at the last weeks, I got a lot of feedback from many people, which want to know if winelol still is / was in "development" and if there will be a release vor the new Ubuntu 11.10. Shortly, no! Actually there is no way to get League of Legends working under WINE... Continue Reading →

Small update for winelol-1.3.25

For german translation, scroll down Greetings Summoners, I have made a small update for winelol-1.3.25 while recreated the wineloldeps Script. So, just easily update your winelol Version to the newest one and you are able to get the requirements for LoL with the command "wineloldeps" again. Greetings ReCon German translation Grüße Beschwörer, ich habe ein... Continue Reading →

winelol 1.3.25 released

For German translation, scroll down Greetings Summoners, few weeks are now gone since the last update, but today I'm happy to say, that winelol 1.3.25 ist out. I readed in some blogs and webplattforms, that some users can't connect to a game, while their Windows Version in WINE is set to win2k (Workaround for the... Continue Reading →

winelol 1.3.19 released

For german translation scroll down ... Greetings Summoners, today, I have the release of winelol 1.3.19 for you. This version contains the actually development release of WINE and the ole patch for the League of Legends Patcher. This release is gonna be shipped with launchpad, so you have to go to this homepage to get... Continue Reading →

League of Legends WINE Patcher problem solved

For german translation scroll down! Greetings Summoners, the problem with the patcher and WINE is solved now, there is a temporarily solution, which can be found here: You have to easily download the file and overwrite your actually patcher with it and it is working again. Special thanks flies to Daniel! He post this link... Continue Reading →

Crysis 2 under Linux with WINE

Hello Blog Readers, at first, no it is not a April joke! Crysis 2 is really running under WINE and at all with acceptable framerate. Before I will begin with the How To, I have to say, that there are some problems with the mouse in Game. I'm making this How To from a base... Continue Reading →

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