OpenVPN Error: Linux route add command failed

Image source: Everbody knows OpenVPN. A powerful and easy to configure VPN client, which is cross-platform available for BSD, Linux, MAC and Windows. A lot of my Linux boxes are OpenVPN clients, starting with Virtual Machines as well as physical boxes. If I use my OpenVPN server as a default gateway, some machines having trouble to... Continue Reading →

Convert IMG (raw) to QCOW2

Most of you will know the Kernel-based virtual machine. It's already included with the latest Linux kernels and it gives you full virtualization under Linux which provides the capability to run almost every x86 OS you want inside a virtual machine. Some versions ago, if you created a new virtual machine in KVM, the virtual hard... Continue Reading →

Unitymedia, Amazon Fire TV und Netflix …

Bildquelle: NOTE: This post is exceptionally in german. This has to do with the content because it's only relevant for people who live in Germany. Update, 13.02.2017: Mittlerweile habe ich mir eine FritzBox zugelegt und Erfahrungswerte dazu in Verbindung mit Unitymedia gesammelt: Unitymedia: Endlich gutes und schnelles Internet Unitymedia, Amazon Fire TV und Netflix ... was... Continue Reading →

How to tunnel with SSH (Port forwarding)

Tunneling with SSH is a real good combo to encrypt every network communication you want. You are also be able to access other network services which are only availble to the destination which you trying to ssh to. As you can see, these two reasons are just two of a bunch more why tunneling with... Continue Reading →

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