Actually no more winelol packages

Dear Blog readers,

at the last weeks, I got a lot of feedback from many people, which want to know if winelol still is / was in “development” and if there will be a release vor the new Ubuntu 11.10.

Shortly, no! Actually there is no way to get League of Legends working under WINE anymore (even with the ACE Client, which is actually crashing when you try to play).

So, you can still try testing the official Riot Client and the new ACE Client releases. I recommend to you, to use my first guide ( ), to make your own “winelol” version.


At least a litte “Thank you” to every person, which gave me a lot of feedback to do the previuosly released versions. – Special thanks goes to K1773R!


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    I don’t know if you will still read this, but we may have found a method to get LoL to work on Skype. If you’re an experienced Wine user and have knowledge of any C language (obj-C preferred), please register on that forum and send me a PM (name: Boompje). I’m a wrenchman on the official LoL forums, and I’m distributing the only working Mac clients right now.

    1. Hi Boompje,

      yes, I’m stilll reading every comment on my blog. LoL ist actually working with WINE itself, but the performance is horrible. I don’t understand what you mean with “LoL to work on Skype”, but anyway I wasn’t able to look at your forums so I couldn’t appologize if my knowledge is really needed.

      I’m thinking about to register … 🙂


      1. I was tired .. i meant “lol on Wine”

        The reason you cannot look on the forums is to keep the PC fanboys out. We mention that link quite a lot on the official LoL forums, so we don’t want to have them.

        If you are an experienced Wine user and have decent programming skills, then register and send me a pm please.

      2. So, I registered myself at your forums and send you a PM.

        Actually I have some ideas and especially questions to ask (for e. g. game performance hints), but we’ll see what I can do to bring League of Legends on Linux with WINE.

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