WINE League of Legends Package 1.3.17 released

Greetings Summoners, today I have the new WINE 1.3.17 with the ole patch for playing League of Legends for you. What new with this version? - All known improvements which are also available with the "normal" WINE. This things can be found here: - Symlinks for easier usage are in with this release. For... Continue Reading →

Crysis 2 under Linux with WINE

Hello Blog Readers, at first, no it is not a April joke! Crysis 2 is really running under WINE and at all with acceptable framerate. Before I will begin with the How To, I have to say, that there are some problems with the mouse in Game. I'm making this How To from a base... Continue Reading →

WINE 1.3.16 with the xinput patch released

Hello readers, I've made a Debian Testing, Ubuntu 10.10 and Linux Mint 10 64-Bit installable package of WINE with the xinput2 patch integrated. This version helps you by some games which needed the nwo=force registry tweak, or by games with choppy mouse at all. The version is gonna be installed under /opt/winexinp/, this means no... Continue Reading →

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